Boston Dynamics announces three new products

 Boston Dynamics, the maker of the famous robot dog Spot, is adding new functionalities to the robot. Boston Dynamics confirmed three new products for Spot — Spot Arm, Spot Enterprise,  and Scout.

The additional products will improve the robot's functionality in risky and remote work areas.

New updates to the robot dog 

According to the tech company, the new arm extension would help spot engage in fun activities such as hopscotch. The Spot Arm product also gives Spot more practical qualities like opening entrances, grabbing, carrying, and holding objects.

Spot Enterprise is a new self-charging update to the robot, which will allow the robot to carry out extended examinations, and give it the ability to locate its charging dock when it needs to boost battery.  The company said it improved the hardware of Spot Enterprise in order to ensure the robot can work unsupervised for lengthier periods, be a source of Wi-Fi, and perform large data analysis more efficiently.

Scout is spot's new web software, designed for dangerous activities in places such as nuclear plants and offshore oil fields. The robot animal will reduce the risks human beings are exposed to at such jobs.  Workers will also be able to control Spot remotely and view the workplace via the camera of the robot. 

The robotic dogs are currently sold to US businesses for $74,500, and the company calculates that there are currently more than 400 Spot products in use around the world.

Spot has been in development for years 

Although the robot was recently put on the market, Boston Dynamics has been building and showcasing Spot for years. 

Robert Playter, Boston Dynamics CEO, said in a press release that the company worked closely with its consumers after releasing the first version of Spot. He said they have used the feedback they received to improve the functionality of the robot and to spot possible upgrades. 

They added that most of their customers want to collect trustworthy data in far away, risky, and non-static workplaces, which made them develop the new additions to Spot with their feedback as a guide.

The cost of the new additions to Spot hasn't been released to the public yet.