Member of an extremist group currently in hot water with federal authorities because of the capital riot

Federal officers say 37years old Joseph Randall Briggs is currently in custody and is facing legal troubles related to the capitol riots. 

Briggs is allegedly a prominent member of the proud boys, a far-right group that took part in the US Capitol uprising. 

Biggs took part in organizing the riot 

As stated in the affidavit drafted by the FBI, Briggs is mentioned as an organizer for the far-right group. According to his court file, Biggs was charged to court in Orlando on Wednesday and was freed under house arrest and other restrictions. 

Biggs is a well-known participant in other extremist groups affiliated with the Proud Boys. He is also known for his hatred for Antifa members, left-wingers who say they are fighting fascism, and for often attending far-right events. 

When asked about the insurrection accusations against the proud boys, Briggs replied that he would only testify in court.

Before the riot occurred, Biggs wrote messages on his Parler account- a social media platform used by the far right. Briggs encouraged his Parler followers to blend in with the crowd and not wear clothes that can be used to identify them. 

In the affidavit written by an FBI agent, Briggs wrote on his parker account that January 6 is going to be a big day for right-wingers.  

FBI agents say proud boys wore earpieces during the riot 

The charges are part of an increasing list that shows planning and organization among far-right groups. The court affidavit states that the Proud Boys communicated with each other during the riot by using earpieces. 

Authorities say Bigg, during a live-streaming of the capitol Riot on bid parler account, described the mob's actions as epic.  

The affidavit also noted that many individuals were snapped or shown on video with earpieces, including other people understood to be related to the Proud Boys. 

The FBI said that Biggs told the FBI he gained entry into the Capitol without force. Briggs also rejected knowing about any plan to storm the capitol building.

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